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The Future of DeKalb 

People are having less kids. Graduates leave the area for better paying jobs. Our population is aging and not replacing itself.  

DeKalb, like many small towns across the country, is facing an existential crisis.  Do we let our town die or do we breathe new life into this place we call home?


It’s easy to look at our town and see dilapidated buildings, old cars and junk, and the empty lots that once held thriving businesses. It’s easy for us to focus on the bad.

The DRC asks our neighbors to do the hard thing. The brave thing. Imagine what could be. Let yourself dream and get excited. Then join us to get the work done.

A house can either be just a house or it can be a home.

A town can either be just a town or it can be a community.

The choice is ours.

2012 Ticket To The Future Revitalization Study

2023 I Believe in DeKalb Draft Proposal

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